During in a recent interview with Golf Magazine, legendary guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen has shared an interesting conversation with famous actor and comedian, George Lopez.

He has shared the story of how he met with George Lopez at the Lakeside Golf Club. Here’s what Eddie said:

“George Lopez. He’s like my best buddy now. I met him for dinner, and he said, ‘Man, I didn’t know you were a member at Lakeside.’ I went, ‘Yeah, man. I’ve been a member for 30 years.’

He goes, ‘But you never play.’ I go, ‘I know! I got no one to play with.’ And he goes, ‘Let’s go.’ So I tee it up, crack the shit out of the ball, straight down the fairway. And George looks at me and goes, ‘You are full of shit.’

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Back in December 2018, famous television and radio personality, Rev. Riki Ratchman (who hosted MTV’s heavy metal show Headbangers Ball for many years) has shared a statement about the Van Halen reunion rumors on Twitter.

He said:

“Here is the TRUTH about the Van Halen reunion. It’s not in the works. Michael Anthony didn’t say he wouldn’t consider it maybe but there is NO TALK about the band getting back together so what ever you heard was BS”

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