Van Halen’s guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen spoke in an interview with Metal Hammer, and explained what he thinks about acoustic guitar and slide-guitar.

In the conversation, he has revealed an interesting fact that he never played acoustic guitar. Here’s the statement:

“I have never in my life owned an acoustic guitar. I really haven’t. I’ve written songs on electric guitar that would sound real nice on an acoustic, but I’ve never owned an acoustic guitar.

I guess one of these days I’ll buy one. I don’t know nothin’ about acoustics. I know what I like in electric guitars, but acoustic I’m lost. I don’t know what’s good. I really don’t.”

On slide-guitar, he said:

“A little bit. There’s no slide on the record. But who knows what lurks in the future? Me and my brother both play keyboards, too. I’ve been thinking about getting a synthesiser.

I know there’s a lot of people starting to get into guitar synthesier, but like Roland you have to play one of their guitars but I don’t dig ’em. So I think maybe I might get a synthesiser and play keyboards. But who knows? I might not.”

Click here for the entire interview.

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