The Facebook account of the Van Halen family dog, Kody Van Halen, has shared an unexpected photo of itself with its daddy, Eddie Van Halen, on social media.

Actually, everybody knows that the photo was shared by Eddie Van Halen himself via Kody Van Halen’s page. Eddie was quite silent on social media for a while, and he chose not to show himself to the community.

As you might all know that there are many ongoing rumors that Eddie is still in cancer rehab and many fans from Van Halen community want to know what’s going on these days.

With the recent photo of Eddie, we can easily notice that he looks very good and powerful with his dog, Kody Van Halen. Also, he penned a meaningful message with the photo. You can read the message right below.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Daddy and I make sure we take our vitamins every day to remain healthy and cold free.

#vitaminc #zinc #collodialsilver #mommysgotacoldrightnow.”

A fan named Susan Porco Pasculli commented:

“I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. 2 handsome guys. Chica sends her love to Kody. Feel better Janie Liszewski’, Van Halen.”

Another fan named Olli Paunonen said:

“The most important person in my life, Mr. Edward Van Halen. Thank you for every piece of music Van Halen produced. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2020.”

You can see the photo of Eddie Van Halen with Kody below.

Daddy and I make sure we take our vitamins everyday to remain healthy and cold free. #vitaminc #zinc #collodialsilver #mommysgotacoldrightnow

Gepostet von Kody Van Halen am Freitag, 27. Dezember 2019