The former wife of the late guitarist Eddie Van Halen, Valerie Bertinelli has reacted to the recent debate between her son, Wolfgang Van Halen, and a hater who targetted him by claiming he stole Michal Anthony’s job in the band.

As you might recall, a few days ago the talented bassist and the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolf Van Halen, took Twitter to stand against the haters who disrespect the VH family after the tragic death of Eddie at the age of 65.

Wolf responded to a Twitter user who called him a dog, or whatever the wolf is, and said to him that his father and mother were the stars, he’s just someone who stole the job of Michal Anthony in Van Halen. The hater also said that no one cares what Wolf says unless it’s a cake and asked what cake Wolf likes.

Displaying his great sense of humor, Wolfgang answered the user’s tweet by asking him if he doesn’t know what a wolf is. Right after that, the bass guitarist came up with another post, the photo of a cake that says fuck off.

Along with the Van Halen fans, Wolfgang’s mother, Valerie Bertinelli, supported the witty answer and strong stance of Wolf on social media against the haters. Bertinelli responded to the recent tweet of Wolf by saying that she did not make this cake.

Here’s what the hater said in his tweet to Wolfgang Van Halen:

“Hey dog, or whatever a wolf is, STFU! Your mom and dad were the stars. You’re just someone who stole Michal Anthony’s Job. Now, stay silent, and be a good boy.

No one cares what you have to say about anything. Unless it’s cake, tell me what cake you love. STFU!”

Wolfgang responded as:

“Wait… Are you saying you don’t know what a wolf is?”

He continued with another tweet, in which he included a photo of a cake, and said:

“Also since you’re looking for a cake recommendation, he’s a good one for you.”

Valerie Bertinelli supported Wolf by saying:

I did not make this cake.”

You can see the tweets below.