The late guitar legend Eddie Van Halen’s ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli has been devastated by another loss she had to struggle with this year as she has taken Twitter to bid a farewell to her current husband’s deceased mother, whom she called ‘quite the pistol.’

The talented actress and television personality, Valerie Bertinelli, has been going through a pretty tough year while receiving the death news of her most beloved ones one after another. As you all know, Bertinelli, as well as the Van Halen family, was shattered by the death of the legendary guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, at the age of 65, on October 6, 2020.

Months after losing her ex-husband, whom she had been married to for 26 years, Valerie has most recently said goodbye to her husband Tom Vitale’s mother, Helen. She reminisced about the good old days she spent with the ‘sweet funny lady’ and revealed that Helen called her ‘Ophelia Knockers.’

Here’s what Valerie Bertinelli said in her recent tweet:

She called me Ophelia Knockers. She was quite the pistol. I’ll miss you, Helen. A dear sweet funny lady. Rest In Peace.”

As you might remember, after divorcing Eddie Van Halen on December 20, 2007, Bertinelli admitted in her autobiography that the main reasons for her divorce were her husband’s cocaine addiction and his refusal to quit smoking despite being diagnosed with tongue cancer and losing one-third of his tongue in the treatment process.

During their breakup period, Valerie Bertinelli was introduced to her current husband, Tom Vitale, by her brother, Patrick, in 2004. According to Vitale, he and Valerie were not ready to date someone new when they first met because of their past.

It took the couple six years to fully understand each other and make up their mind to take their relationship to the next level with marriage. In 2011, Tom and Valerie married as Vitale proposed to Bertinelli with a special platinum wedding band during their vacation in Italy.

You can see the tweet below and check out more information about Bertinelli’s current marriage here.