Eddie Van Halen’s ex-wife and renowned actress, Valerie Bertinelli, revealed her political thoughts on the recently introduced ‘Love America Act’ via her official Twitter account.

After 26 years of marriage, Valerie and Eddie got divorced in 2007 but their shared love for their son, Wolfgang Van Halen, remained nonetheless. Thus, the pair remained friends and kept in touch until Eddie’s passing in late 2020.

Recently, a United States senator and lawyer, Josh Hawley, claimed that the left parties are trying to teach the youngsters that America is systemically racist, although that is nothing but a lie according.

As Hawley said, United States is a good nation of good people where everybody can live peacefully. Therefore, he decided to introduce the ‘Love America Act,’ which is an educational act aiming to increase the youngsters’ knowledge about the nation’s founding.

On the other hand, Valerie Bertinelli thinks the opposite of what Hawley said above. Bertinelli argued that the United States is indeed systematically racist and stated that Hawley is addicted to it.

Furthermore, Bertinelli pointed out that Hawley should have admitted the truth because they have no power to overcome this problem as it is an addiction, and mentioned that they need help to make this country a better place.

Josh Hawley wrote:

“The Left wants to teach our kids that America is systemically racist. That’s false and it’s meant to divide. It’s time to replace lies with the truth! America is a great nation of good people – and our kids should be proud of that. That’s why I’m introducing the ‘Love America Act.’

It will require schools that get federal tax dollars to teach kids the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution & Bill of Rights, and the Pledge. These texts affirm the truths that unite us and make us great people.

No more critical race theory. No more hate. Let’s teach our kids what unites us as Americans – what we love together. Let’s teach them the truth.”

Valerie Bertinelli commented on his claims as follows:

America is systematically racist. And you, my dear pathetic insurrectionist, are addicted to it. The first step is to admit the truth and that you are powerless over this addiction and that you need help.”

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