While we are sharing every single detail and material about the ongoing cancer treatment of Eddie Van Halen, today, Eddie’s wife Janie Van Halen posted a recent photo on her Instagram page for an important announcement.

As you might check out the caption of Janie below, she indicated that she’s coughing and sneezing these days.

She also stated that she caught a cold and tries to recover. Here is the caption of Janie:

“Yeah, this 😷🤧🙄

#caughtacold #coughing #sneezing #stuffynose #r”

A user named newkirk112 commented on the photo:

“Take care! I hope you feel better before the new year! 🤧😁”

Another Janie follower, cathyflynn1213 wrote this:

“Bummer! I just got over one! Campbell’s tomato soup made with milk helped a lot.

Feel better!”

An Instagram user, lespauldude commented:

“Oy to the Vey. I am suffering the same thing, Janie. I have a sinus thing going on for a month and a half now. Feel better.”

You can check out the photo below.