Famous Rock music veteran, former Van Halen and current frontman of The Circle and Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagar has shared a new tweet about the first show of himself and his old bandmate, Eddie Van Halen via his verified Twitter account.

As you might all know that there are many ongoing rumors that Eddie is still in a cancer rehab and many fans from Van Halen community want to know what’s going on these days.

In the tweet, Sammy Hagar has mentioned his first ever performance with Eddie Van Halen. They have started to work together in the full performance at Farm Aid in 1985. This concert was also the last concert with the Sammy Hagar Band.

Here’s the statement of Sammy Hagar:

“#Throwback to the full performance at Farm Aid in 1985. This is the first show Sammy and Eddie ever played together and the last show with the Sammy Hagar Band.

#TBT #PreVanHalen #LastSoloShow #HeadsetMicsRule.”

A user named Mikel asked:

“Gary Pihl, Bill “Electric” Church, and David Lauser? How’d I do? Not sure on the spelling of Gary’s last name? He’s still with Boston, correct?”

Another fan named KathRadzz22 commented:

“I remember when you guys did the New Haven Shows. My friend threw you a football shirt at the end of “Rock ‘N Roll”, you put it in, and then jumped off the drum kit.

It made it into the videotape!”

You can see the tweet of Sammy Hagar and watch the video below.