Recent reports claimed that Van Halen’s guitar veteran Eddie Van Halen has been struggling with throat cancer since last four weeks. But there’s no confirmation about that rumors.

Today, a fan named Sue Dion has shared a new photo of herself with Eddie Van Halen on Instagram, and wrote a little statement to clarify the backstory of that photo. Here’s what she wrote:

“I’ve had a bad week, so please indulge me in this gushing post. I love my job. I love the cars, I love my co-workers and I love the clients. Admittedly, I’ve had more than my share of cool things that I’ve done in my life. Co-worker: ‘Sue, today you got to make out with a rockstar.’ Yes… I…did! Today will forever be the day I kissed… Eddie Van Halen!!

My mom wouldn’t let me go see them when I was 14, so it only took 35 years for the universe to right that wrong.

Absolutely the sweetest guy–still with that twinkle in his eye. I told him that today he made me the coolest kid in high school. Never in my… wildest… dreams. Eddie, you have no idea how much you made my day. Thank you for just being you.”

Some reason, she has deleted the photo but some fan pages keep it to share on their own Instagram accounts. You can see the one of them below.