Eddie Van Halen, who is the founder and main songwriter of Van Halen, has been struggling with severe health problems for the last few years. His health status might actually be changed this time.

Eddie Van Halen was diagnosed with tongue cancer earlier in 2000. Afterward, he underwent several treatments and beat cancer in 2002. However, it was discovered last year that Eddie has been traveling to Europe as a part of his throat cancer treatment.

Since the beginning of his tragic battle with cancer, Eddie’s health status had been changing day by day. In a recent interview with Rolling Stones, the former member of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, also touched on the issue of Van Halen’s health.

Hagar mentioned the possibility of a reunion with Van Halen brothers and bassist Michael Anthony, but it failed since Eddie had back surgery. Additionally, Hagar stated that Eddie got through these diseases as far as he knows, and Eddie was doing okay for now.

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Back in January 2020, David Lee Roth spoke in an interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal and left a comment over the recent health status of Eddie Van Halen.

He said:

“Ed (Van Halen)’s not doing well, and singing and dancing is a perishable skill. If you have the capacity, it’s something that has to be used routinely, if not for the thrill of it and the magic of creating with other incandescent spirits.”

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