All music community is rumoring about Eddie Van Halen and his controversial health status nowadays. Lots of people claiming that Eddie is struggling with throat cancer and he’s in treatment for a while.

As Van Halen members and Eddie Van Halen stays silent for a while, Eddie’s ex-brother-in-law David Bertinelli liked some tweets on his account and indirectly accepted that Eddie is fighting with a hard disease.

Here are some of the recent tweets David liked:

“Eddie is my hero. his music and guitar is a part of my life. many fans in Japan just pray for him. looking forward to seeing him playing the guitar!”

“He’s my all time favorite musician so he has my thoughts and prayers. I just want him to be able to enjoy his life for all the enjoyment he’s given me listening to him.”

“We love you Eddie! I have been praying for you every day! May God BLESS you with excellent health!😎🎸❤️”

You can see the tweets right below.

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