The former frontman of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar shared yet another golden-worth photo on his verified and official Instagram page.

As you will see the photo below, Hagar shared a never-seen-before of Eddie Van Halen and other friends.

Here is what Sammy wrote on the caption:

“#ThrowbackThursday baby! This was the 1996 premiere for the movie Twister which included the VH song “Humans Being.” Left to right: Eddie, Valerie, two-month-old Kama, Kari, Yours Truly, Sue Anthony, Mikey (@madanthonyscafe), and Alex. #TBT”

Michael Anthony commented on the photo:

“Damn good looking bunch right there!!”

A user named maysball wrote this:

“I would love to hear one more record and one tour from this band. But will live on knowing this was as good a band as I have ever seen or heard. Love The Circle, Chicken Foot and the Wabo’s. Keep Rockin’ 🤘🏼”

Here is the photo right below.