Van Halen legend Eddie Van Halen’s son and also the member of the band, Wolf Van Halen, chimed in an interesting Twitter conversation today and cleared the air about if he’s ever yelled at someone on social media.

Everything has started with a Twitter user named Shawn Hockey’s question about if any celebrity contacted them via Instagram’s Direct Message to yell at them. After lots of users commented and told their stories, one of the users came out and mentioned Wolf Van Halen.

A Twitter user named Catflish Charlie wrote this first:

“Celeb Q from @Coombsie77: Who’s the biggest personality to slide in your dms to yell at you?”

A follower of Catfish named James mentioned Wolf Van Halen and wrote this:

“Disagreed with me passionately about hockey.”

Wolf Van Halen himself saw that comment and chimed in to the conversation:

“What? I’ve never gone out of my way to privately DM and yell at someone I don’t know about ANYTHING let alone an opinion about hockey…”

James responded and cleared the air:

“It wasn’t a DM, but the Wild were playing the Kings in I want to say a late March game or something like that, and I made an offhand comment you responded to. Also, it was completely respectful and non-yelly, but I had to zazz it up for the people reading this.”

Here is the last tweet of Wolf Van Halen:

“Hahaha ok well, thanks for making me seem like a dick I guess?? I was worried not enough people hated me, so let’s pump up those numbers! Zazz it up, homie!”

Check out these tweets right below.