Legendary musician Eddie Van Halen’s son and also the bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen, has shared a recent tweet for making an announcement about the new album of Sevendust guitarist, Clint Lowery, via his official Twitter account.

Sevendust star Clint Lowery‘s solo album called ‘God Bless The Renegades’ is released today via all music stream services. The album was recorded and mixed at Studio Barbarosa in Gotha, Florida, and produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette.

Today, Wolfgang Van Halen has shared a sincere tweet about Clint’s new solo album. In the tweet, he made a short statement about the new album and its songs.

After this tweet, Wolfgang has shared some videos about the production process of the album via his official Instagram page. Also, he continued to make a statement about Clint’s new album.

Here’s the first statement of Wolf Van Halen:

“I had the pleasure of tracking drums (and some bass) on my good friend @clintlowerynet’s solo album that just released today.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day.”

The second statement of Wolfgang via Instagram:

“I had the pleasure of tracking drums (and some bass) on my very talented friend @clintloweryofficial’s solo album, and it just released today!

It’s called God Bless the Renegades and you can hit the link in my bio or stream/download/buy it wherever you get your music if you want to check it out.

Which I highly suggest you do it because it’s fantastic. Have a wonderful day. You look great, by the way.”

You can see all the posts of Wolf Van Halen below.

You can listen to the solo album of Clint Lowery right below.