Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen has posted a really bizarre meme of the fans are worshiping a mini-van and he said that ‘gonna tell my kids this was Van Halen.

Wolf’s post went viral on Twitter these days. A fan named TenLordsLeeping retweeted the post by saying:

“Why? Spoiled brat. Go ahead and maybe make sport of your Daddy’s legacy.”

Wolf responded:

“It’s just a dumb meme you freaking mango. Good god.”

The fan wrote again:

“Haha! Ed is a legend kid! Thanks for words, keep on rockin ⭐🎸”

Wolf replied:

“Lol for sure bro , rock on !brotha man yeah dude hell yeah you KNOW IT! dudd oh yeah uh huh “

Check out the tweets below.

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