The talented son of Eddie Van Halen and the current bassist of the band, Wolfgang Van Halen, or ‘Wolf’ Van Halen as he calls himself, replied a witty remark to the comment of a Twitter user who criticized his performance displayed in honor of ‘Eruption‘s anniversary.

A negative argument was improved in the comments of the post shared by Van Halen three years ago. The Twitter post, which is a short clip taken when Wolf Van Halen was playing ‘Eruption’ on the guitar for the 40th anniversary of the song, was reacted differently from the fans in the year 2017 when it was shared.

A fan named David commented to the post as follows:

“Nailed it! So cool.”

Another follower whose name is Randy replied to the former comment and said:

“Nailed it? Listen to it again. I hear hesitation, IMO it was good but didn’t nail it.”

After that, David said that this user is a troll and the response from the user Randy came after a really long time. Waiting exact three years to answer, Randy said:

“Nope just my opinion, right at 14-15 seconds.”

For the never-ending negativity of the Twitter user, Wolf Van Halen reacted this time. He said to his reply:

“Well, you sure as hell hesitated for three years on that response there.”

You can see the dialogue between Van Halen and the Twitter users and listen to ‘Eruption’ right below.