Legendary musician Eddie Van Halen’s son and also the bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen, has shared a new tweet on his official Twitter account and given a really harsh reaction to the message he got from a Twitter user.

First of all, Wolfang posted a casual tweet on his account but a Twitter user made a criticism about Eddie Van Halen by saying Eddie’s retirement decision is just sad for everyone who loves Van Halen. You can read the entire conversation below.

Everything started with Wolfgang’s first tweet:

“So it turns out I’ve already been socially distancing my whole life.”

A Twitter user named D. Miller responded to that tweet harshly and wrote this:

“Your dad certainly has. His output is just sad.”

After a few hours, Wolfgang Van Halen has reacted to the person, who slammed Eddie Van Halen, with an ironic but harshly-written response.

Here’s Wolf’s response:

“Right? What a horrible person my Dad is. He’s brought joy to no one. 40+ years in the business just isn’t enough.

He must ONLY exist to give ME things. How DARE he have a life of his own. He deserves NO breaks and CONSTANT hatred. WHO’S WITH ME?!?!”

You can see all the conversations right below.