Son of legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen has reacted to claims that Van Halen is going to retire from music.

A fan mentioned Wolfgang Van Halen on Twitter and said:

“They’re (Van Halen) retired. Eddie van Winkle is done…..if they couldn’t even do anything to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Van Halen I ..they done. Even @WolfVanHalen can’t motivate pops to put out new music.”

Then, a fan wrote:

“I don’t think they need money on any level but why not swing the bat and show the fans they’re still a musical force.

Wolf is retired too….

And, Wolfgang responded:

“Lol yup, I’m hanging it up. It’s been a long career, I think I’m done. Totally done. Great take, dude. TOTALLY just dead on! WOW! I don’t even THINK about music anymore. It’s just insane how correct you are. So correct. Like wow. So done. No more music for me. All done. Bye bye.”

3 hours later, he has clarified his statement and said:

“In case some people didn’t understand my last few tweets (which judging the bulk of the replies, many didn’t…) I’m not actually retired. It was sarcasm. SARCASM. Because it’s a ridiculous idea. What kind of asshole would I have to be if I retired at 27 years old? Ok goodnight.”

You can reach the tweets from below.