Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolf Van Halen, has uploaded a new video on his official Instagram page, and he told an interesting story about an unexpected phone call he got from his father, Eddie Van Halen.

In the caption, Wolf Van Halen explained that although he had uploaded this video before, Eddie Van Halen insisted on re-sharing this video during this bizarre phone call.

As you might see in the video, Wolf recorded himself while playing drums, and he looks really cool.

Here’s what Wolf Van Halen captioned:

“So I showed my dad what #byte was the other day and he saw this clip I posted of me playing drums that he really liked.

He called me the next day and said:

‘Why don’t you post that drum video on Instagram?’

‘I already did, but it was awhile ago.’ I said.

‘Fuck it, post it again. I wanna see it on my phone.’ he said.

‘Uhh you know I could just text it to yo-‘

‘Nah, you should just post it.’ he interrupted.

So here you go.

You’re welcome, Pop. Love you ❤️”

After this post, Eddie Van Halen hopped to the comment section to show his reaction and love for his son. He wrote:

“Fuck yeah, badass Wolf!! I love you!!”

An Instagram user named azpxocivu wrote this:

“Alex would be heckin proud, if im allowed to say so lol”

See the Instagram post below.