Eddie Van Halen‘s son and the bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang posted a funny cat video on Instagram and answered a fan’s question about the possibility of David Lee Roth‘s appearance on his upcoming solo album.

As you might remember, Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang Van Halen has been working on his solo project for a while now. The studio Wolf used while recording his album was actually Van Halen’s legendary ‘5150 Studios’ in California which made the Van Halen fans really excited about Wolf’s upcoming project.

Recently on Instagram, Wolfgang Van Halen posted a funny video of a cat sitting down and getting up. On the caption of his post, he stated it was actually a reference to how he was feeling when he got up:

“That feel when you get up

Although Wolf shares funny memes and videos on his Instagram page often, some of the fans were more interested in learning the details of his new solo work. In the comments section of Wolf’s post, a fan named John Rogers asked him about the possibility of David Lee Roth’s appearance on the upcoming project:

“I hope David makes a cameo on your album… Fingers crossed”

However, Wolfgang had a straight answer to the question:

“He isn’t.”

You can watch the video Wolfgang Van Halen posted on his Instagram account below.

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tfw you get up

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