Photo Credit: Eddie Van Halen's Instagram Page

The legendary rock and metal icons, Van Halen has released their latest album, ‘A Different Kind of Truth’, in 2012. And their last live gig staged in 2015. They are not an active band since that day.

Back in September 2019, Van Halen singer David Lee Roth has announced a massive tour with his solo band, which will be held in the whole year of 2020. Roth’s solo tour announcement has shut down the whole rumors about the classic lineup reunion of Van Halen.

Eddie Van Halen’s son and the bassist of the band, Wolfgang Van Halen has posted a new photo on his Twitter account, and I think it’s featuring a sad cryptic message about the future of Van Halen.

If you look at the photo that Wolf shared, young people are worshiping to an old mini-van. So, how can we interpret this? I guess, this tweet is the unofficial retirement announcement of Van Halen.

The band will never be on the stage with their classic line-up ever. The people of the next generation will never know how Van Halen looked like exactly.

Here’s what Wolf wrote:

“Gonna tell my kids this was Van Halen”

Check out the tweet below.