Wolfgang Van Halen, who is the son of Eddie Van Halen and bass player of the band, has posted a TBT photo on his Instagram page in which David Lee Roth is posing with an editor from Billboard.

In 2015, Van Halen played at Billboard Music Awards and Wolfgang was the bass guitar player of the band at that time. In the recent Instagram post, Wolfgang has posted a frame from that night but there’s false information in the caption area of the post.

During the after-party, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth is posing for the camera but the caption says he is Eddie Van Halen. Wolf censored the names on the photo but he didn’t touch on the part about his father.

Here’s what Wolfgang wrote on the photo:

“TBT to when we played the Billboard Music Awards”

A fan named Paparator commented:

“I showed someone the photo of Mammaraptor, your dad, you, and me that we took backstage in West Palm Beach back in 2015. She said, “Oh, I see you’ve met John Mellencamp.

Wolf responded:

 “Haha, amazing. Hope you’re well!!”

You can see the photo below.