The wife of the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, Janie Liszewski Van Halen has posted a confessional quotation that emphasizes we all have made shitty choices in the past, yet, we get the opportunity to be better each day.

The talented dancer and actress, Janie Liszewski Van Halen has been highly active on social media for some time now. Proved that she is quite honest and a brave woman through her posts, Janie has been sharing some of the most accurate motivational quotes on Instagram traditionally.

Every Wednesday, she posts very wise words with the hashtag, ‘Wednesday Wisdom.’ As you may recall, she mentioned that everybody has three choices in life to point out the significance of giving your all to everything you do last week.

Recently, Janie has added one more post to her ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ series that implies she made some really bad choices in the past as everyone else did. The quote, which follows by saying no one is perfectly innocent, revealed that Janie believes in self-improvement.

Here is what was said in the quotation Janie posted:

“We all have pasts, we all made shitty choices. No one is perfectly innocent, we are not saints. We do however get the opportunity each day to be better than we were yesterday.”

Janie said in the caption:

“Wednesday wisdom. Do better. Be better.”

You can see the post below.

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