Van Halen founder Eddie Van Halen’s lovely wife, Janie Liszewski Van Halen has shared a new tweet on her Twitter page, and she asked a really bizarre question about a curse.

On Thursday, 6 February, Janie took to social media to ask a question for the fans about using a curse on email. She asked which one is better and useful between two curses for email. But, it was just a funny joke.

Here’s what Janie wrote:

“Quick question. Is it ‘for sucks sake’ or ‘for suck’s sake’? It’s for work, so I want to make sure this email sounds professional.”

A Twitter user named kirby13 said this:

“I think it includes the ‘s. Gotta stay professional.”

Another fan named chadl76 wrote this:

“I think if you make it one word “ For fucksake “ you’ll be ok lol”

Check out the tweet below.