Legendary Van Halen frontman Eddie Van Halen’s wife Janie is quite active on her official Twitter account nowadays and today, she posted yet another controversial tweet that confuses her followers’ minds.

As you will check out the tweet of Janie below, she asked if the robots would take the place of the workers in the future and what will the people’s reactions be.

She also added a hashtag that clarifies she’s not trying to be an a**hole, instead, she’s just curious to read the answers of the users.

Here is what she wrote:

“Quick question. With the possibility of many more jobs becoming automated in the name of health and safety, whatcha gonna do when your job is taken over by a robot? Just curious.


The follower of Janie named Franksters shared her opinion:

“Most of the ‘skilless’ jobs will disappear from the modern world or countries if you prefer as people are becoming more and more educated, these jobs will end up becoming great jobs in developing countries.

A bit like what happened in the bank industry now we all use the internet.”

Another user, Doug looked to the case from the different side:

“I think that’s why people like Bill Gates are obsessed with population control. They see the need for fewer people in the future.”

You can see the latest tweet of Janie below.