The wife of Eddie Van Halen, professional dancer, and a wrestler, Janie Liszewski Van Halen has started off a funny game on Instagram and leaked the last two digits of her phone number while revealing what she needs the most in 2020.

Janie Van Halen has been highly active on both of her social media accounts, one of which is personal and the other, which is named Lita Lamae, for her brand with her business partner in ballroom dancing and professional wrestling, Louie Martinez.

While announcing the matches Martinez is going to fight on her side account, Lita Lamae, Janie has taken her personal page to initiate a new and hilarious game asking what people need the most in this pretty tough year.

Based on what the numbers signify in the game, Janie Van Halen chose the numbers that show she needs a healing sleep. In this way, she unveiled that the last two digits of her phone number are 7 and 1.

Here is what Janie Liszewski Van Halen said in her latest Instagram post:

“Let’s play a game, shall we. Ready, set, go. I need healing sleep. Accurate.”

You can see the post below.