The legendary guitarist of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen’s beautiful wife, Janie Liszewski has shared a funny photo of her dog via her verified and official Instagram account.

Janie Liszewski has made a short statement with tags after the end of Thanksgiving Day and she explained that she feels like a fat dog herself after Thanksgiving dinner.

As you can see below, she used the ‘food coma’ hashtag to describe how he felt after Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s what she captioned:

“#fridayfeeling after #toomuchturkey #foodcoma.”

A fan named Steve Jost commented and Janie Liked that comment:

“Cody, you are so lucky, you have Eddie Van Halen for your father and Janie Van Halen for your mommy!! 👍👏🤣.”

Another fan named CherylG wrote that:

“We are all feeling it! Francesca has been sleeping on and off since last night🐶 Hugs to KVH😍🐶👍🏻.”

See the Instagram post of Janie Liszewski right below.