A few days ago, Eddie Van Halen’s lovely wife Janie Van Halen has shared a really cute photo of her dog, Kody Van Halen, via her official Twitter account.

A fan named Laurie Limke has written a comment over Kody’s photo and let Janie know about the terrible sickness of her dog which it’s currently fighting against.

Here is what Laurie Limke wrote:

“My Pom is 10 and he looks way older but he has Cushing’s and collapsed trachea. He’s still kicking though. Don’t know what I will do without him.”

Later on, Janie Van Halen replied to Laurie and made a touching confession about her dog, Kody. She said that her dog has also collapsed trachea, which causes the obstruction of the airways, like her latest Pom Kano dog.

Here is what Janie Van Halen said:

“Kody has collapsing trachea too, as did my last Pom Kano. I think it is something in this breed of dog.”

You can check the tweets below.