The wife of the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, Janie Van Halen has answered a question about Eddie’s previous wife, Valerie Bertinelli, under the statement she made clearing the air about her business partner Louie Martinez.

As you may know, Janie has been giving updates about her projects, which include ballroom dance and professional wrestling, with her partner Louie on her social media accounts for a while now.

Seeing so many posts of Janie with her business partner, some of her followers have wondered if they have a love affair beyond just partnership. To clarify this situation, Janie Van Halen took her social media accounts with a statement informing Eddie is her husband and they have a private life while Louie is her friend and partner in their brand.

After she emphasized that Eddie Van Halen is her husband, a fan, whose name is Jay, said under this post that he thought Valerie Bertinelli was his wife. Responded to fix this misunderstanding, Janie said Valerie was his former wife. She also added that Eddie and she, herself, married in 2009.

Here is what Janie said in her tweet, which the fan asked a question about:

“Breaking News. 😂

Eddie Van Halen is my husband & our relationship and life together are private.

Louie Martinez is my friend & business partner for various endeavors including ballroom dance & pro wrestling as the brand Janie And Louie is public.”

The follower, whose name is Jay, asked:

“I thought Valerie was his wife?

Janie Van Halen responded as:

“She is his previous wife, he and I married in 2009.”

You can see the tweets below.