Van Halen legend Eddie Van Halen’s wife Janie has responded to a question on Twitter and clarified one of the most curious subjects about Eddie and Van Halen’s family.

As you might remember, Janie has posted a little poem about dementia, and that post caused a big cariosity and confusion for the fans of Van Halen.

After a while, Janie has revealed who has dementia. Eddie Van Halen or another person…

A fan named Mary asked:

“Dad? Who has dementia? Ed VanHalen? Is Janie the wife? Really confused… my mom passed after suffering with dementia… 😬”

Janie responded:

“Yes, my dad has dementia.”

Check out the tweets below.

You can read the quatrain that Janie just shared below.

“My eyes do see, my ears do hear,
I am still Me, so let’s be clear,
My memory may fade, my walk may slow,
I am me inside, don’t let me go.”

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