The wife of Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen, Janie Van Halen, has posted a statement video with her dancing partner Louie Martinez on Twitter.

As we all see, Janie keeps continuing to share her casual social media despite Eddie Van Halen’s cancer treatments. And that attitude caused some negative reactions by Van Halen fans.

A fan named David has reacted to Janie’s video and asked what Eddie thinks about Janie’s dancing career and having a male dancing partner.

Here’s what fan asked:

“I’m kinda curious what Ed thinks of all this ?? Lots of exposure without the hubby. Just wondering 🧐😏”

Another fan named Cbrltwpm responded:

“Oh no… Not what you think… I’m also a dancer and married… When you have dancing partners… It’s no threat at all to any lover or relationship… Never is a problem.”

Janie confirmed the latest comment and said:


You can reach the tweets below.