The legendary Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s wife, Janie Van Halen, has shared a new photo of herself with her cute cat via her verified Twitter account.

In the recent photo, Janie was lying down with her cat and has had no make-up on her face. Howbeit, she has not lost anything from her pure beauty and achieved to see very attractive and beautiful.

Actually, Janie Van Halen has shared this photo due to another reason, she wanted to say that ‘Happy Monday’ to her friends and followers.

Here’s what she wrote with the photo:

“Ummmm excuse me, but this is my pillow.

#goodmorning and #happymonday from #Booshie the cat and I.”

A user named Philip Reed commented:

“My cats do the exact same thing. If I get up. They take my seat or bed. Lol”

Another user named Scott S. wrote this to her:

“Happy Monday! Happy a wonderful week!”

You can see the tweet of Janie right below.