Van Halen icon Eddie Van Halen‘s happily married wife for more than 11 years, Janie Liszewski, posted a photo of her recently deceased brother, Tom, on Instagram and shared the bewildering feeling of sadness she had been experiencing since his loss.

A few days ago, Janie shared the sad news of her brother Tom’s death on her Instagram account with her followers. She expressed that she and her family were devastated and mourned Tom’s tragic death.

Recently on Instagram, Janie Van Halen posted another picture of her brother and shared her feelings with a heartbreaking note. On the caption of her post, Janie thanked everyone who showed their support to her and her family during their difficult time. She also mentioned the bewildering feelings of sadness she had been experiencing since Tom’s death.

Here’s what Janie stated about her brother’s passing on the caption of her Instagram post:

Thank you to each and every one of you for all the kind and lovely words during this very sad, confusing, and emotional time. #thankyou. ❤️

You can see the photo Janie Liszewski shared on her Instagram account below.