Van Halen star Eddie Van Halen’s wife Janie Van Halen has posted a new photo of herself with her dad on Twitter and revealed a sad quatrain about dementia.

She also wrote a little message by using a hashtag, ‘dementia sucks’. There’s no clear information but we can say that Janie’s father may struggle with dementia these days.

On the other hand, Eddie Van Halen is keeping his fight against throat cancer. You can find the latest news about Eddie’s current health condition here.

Here’s what Janie wrote as a caption for the photos:

“My dad and I. #dementiasucks”

You can read the quatrain that Janie just shared below.

“My eyes do see, my ears do hear,
I am still Me, so let’s be clear,
My memory may fade, my walk may slow,
I am me inside, don’t let me go.”

Check out the Twitter post below.