Eddie Vedder‘s next album will be released on February 11, 2022, and recently he revealed that it was produced by former Ozzy Osbourne producer Andrew Watt and the two will be working on a new record soon.

After a long ten-year break from releasing records, Ozzy Osbourne worked with Andrew to release his 2020 album, ‘Ordinary Man.’ He received positive feedback from the fans, so he decided to continue working with Watt in the future. In February 2020, Ozzy announced that he was working on a follow-up album with Watt.

Andrew Watt’s success was clearly not ignored by Eddie Vedder. In 2021, Vedder released the singles ‘Long Way’ and ‘The Haves’ from his upcoming album, ‘Earthling.’ His next single scheduled to drop before the release of ‘Earthling’ on February 11 will be ‘Brother the Cloud.’

Currently focused on performing his shows, which were postponed due to the pandemic, Vedder stated in a recent interview that they will be recording other material with Andrew Watt while touring and then slow down after two years.

Here is how Vedder revealed working with Watt:

We’ll make a record with Andrew, I believe. We’ve already talked about it. You know, the pandemic came right as we were leaving for a tour on the ‘Gigaton’ record. And we had a lot of shows planned.

Then, in between, I think we’ll be recording, because now we’ve got a healthy ambition to do so. I think we’ll move quickly for a year or two, then I can see us slowing down for a little bit. We have the ability to play better than ever, but also know what we want to maintain the health of the group and want to keep coming back.”

Watt has worked with many popular names in the industry, such as producing Miley Cyrus’s cover on Metallica’s ‘Blacklist.’ He also played the guitar for Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson before he ventured into producing. In March 2021, he won the Grammy Award for the Producer of the Year.