During a recent interview with Howard Stern, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder opened up his current feelings about ‘grunge,’ which is a genre that emerged from Seattle in the early ’90s. He also revealed one of his favorite grunge bands, which contrary to what would be expected is neither Nirvana, nor Alice In Chains, nor Soundgarden.

As you may know grunge, or as it is sometimes referred to, Seattle Sound, has a great place in rock music and rock culture’s history. Grunge emerged from Seattle and gained popularity during the ’90s. As a genre, it changed the rock music scene and contributed to the development of rock music. Because the genre emerged from Seattle, it is often the local bands fighting over the title of the best representatives of grunge music.

While views on which one of the iconic Seattle bands is the best varies, it has always been noteworthy what important figures such as Eddie Vedder think. The bands that have often been considered as the most popular and successful ones are Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.

However, Eddie Vedder’s response to which one is his favorite grunge band does not correspond with any of the names mentioned above. Instead, Eddie Vedder says that one of his favorite Seattle bands is Mudhoney both because of their music and because he enjoyed being friends with them.

Eddie Vedder’s praise of Mudhoney as one of his favorite bands does not only refer to their music, but also to the band’s members’ characters. He refers to them as ‘friends’ and later on expresses his dislike towards the media’s insistence on the rivalry rumors between Seattle bands.

Even though he accepts that there was ‘a little bit of a faction’ due to their different approach to rock music, he still regards them as one of his favorite bands and cherishes the good times they spent together as friends.

During his interview with Howard Stern, Eddie Vedder said that:

One of my favorite Seattle bands was Mudhoney, and there was a little bit of a faction, with one side of Seattle music here, and ours didn’t fit as well into that… which was fine. […] But also Mudhoney… I was so grateful to have those guys as friends.”

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