Pearl Jam’s iconic lead vocalist and guitarist Eddie Vedder’s wife, Jill Vedder, posted a video on her Instagram account with the whole family in it and exemplified how great it would be if the Vedder family had their own TV show.

Jill Vedder, the well-known American former model, philanthropist, and activist recently posted a video of her daughter, Olivia, after she had her wisdom teeth removed and was still under the influence of anesthesia.

As you probably know, the majority of Jill’s followers on Instagram are Pearl Jam fans. The reason that the number of her followers has increased is that Pearl Jam fans enjoy seeing photos and videos about Eddie Vedder. Jill’s posts about Pearl Jam or Eddie get more likes and comments in comparison to her other posts.

Jill enjoys posting videos and photos of her family and their everyday life. There is no doubt that everyone knows ‘The Osbournes,’ the family reality show which aired for 4 seasons and was a huge hit. Jill’s last post which features the whole family joking around, attracted fans’ attention and it looks like they would probably enjoy watching a reality show of the Vedder family.

In the video, their daughter Olivia Vedder claims that her dentist not only looked like Bernie Sanders but that it was he who did the procedure. Her parents can be heard in the background laughing to this claim and their laughter increases when Olivia says that it was definitely Bernie as he helped her ‘sail the birds.’

Jill Vedder posted this video by saying that as a family, they are democratic and that they like talking freely with their kids about various matters. Moreover, it is quite clear that they also enjoy messing with them.

She went on the say that there are even funnier videos of Olivia from their drive home but that she will keep those private. If there’s ever going to be a ‘The Vedders‘ show, fans would definitely love to see the ones Jill has been keeping private.

Here’s what Olivia Vedder says when her mother asks her who the doctor reminded her of:

“Bernie Sanders. It was Bernie Sanders. He helped me sail the birds.”

Here’s what Jill Vedder said in the caption of her latest Instagram post:

“I’m all things democratic. We don’t push anything on our kids. We talk freely about the world and what matters with us individually. This one had all of 4 wisdom teeth removed and (she’s super stoned) had this to say. She was more whacky on our drive home and I will keep that private but just want to say I have never laughed more, I love you.”

You can check out the photo that Jill Vedder posted on her Instagram account below.