Pearl Jam’s legendary star Eddie Vedder’s Wife and one of the most active social media personalities of the community, Jill Vedder, posted a recent photo on her Instagram account and unveiled her support for the National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

As you may know, 4.6 million children in the United States live in homes with guns that are both loaded and unlocked, and Jill herself took fans’ attention to that tragedy.

One of the users who pushed the like button was one of the most famous models in America, Gisele.

Here is what she said:

“On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, I wear orange in solidarity with Black Americans, who represent the majority of homicide and nonfatal shooting victims in the U.S. and are far more likely than white Americans to be victimized by and exposed to gun violence. 🙏🏼🧡🙏🏼

#Ahmaud #Breonna #Hadiya #gunviolenceawareness”

An Instagram user named dpezz822 wrote this as the best comment:

“Here’s a question and I’m not trying to be rude… Call me naive. Why does it take a white cop killing an African American for people to want change (which we need) when hundreds in Chicago alone are killed on the streets every year.

No one ever protests about that… To me that’s as important to address.”

You can check out the photo below.