Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder‘s wife Jill Vedder shared two posts on her official Instagram page celebrating her deceased grandfather’s 99th birthday and warned people about the precautions for COVID-19 in order to protect their beloved ones.

As you may know, Jill Vedder is quite an active social media user, especially on her official Instagram page on which she shares her beautiful family, her political opinions, and her latest projects. However, Jill does not share the details of her personal life which made her Instagram page to be considered as lacking her true insight.

Recently, Jill Vedder shared a picture of herself and her late grandfather on her official Instagram page celebrating his 99th birthday and surprised her fans by opening up about her feelings. Apparently, he meant a lot to Jill since she stated that her grandfather was an angel to her and she misses him so much.

Here is what Vedder stated in the caption:

“Happy birthday to my Papa wherever you are! You are an angel to me and with me always… I sure do miss you. I think my grandfather would be 99.. what a life.”

Later on, Jill Vedder shared another picture of her grandfather on Instagram and stated that all should wear a mask in order to protect those they love since this is the least that they can do while they are still alive. Vedder also stressed the fact that she would do anything to keep her favorite human safe if he were alive.

Here is what Jill wrote in the caption of her second post:

“Wear your damn mask.. cause if you don’t you are messing with your most sacred loved ones. My favorite human left this world a couple of years back but there is nothing I wouldn’t have done to protect him and if masking up was all I as to do …

I would have wrapped my whole body in them to keep him safe .. just wear a fucking mask so we can get back to rock shows please.”

You can see the Instagram posts below.