Pearl Jam lead vocalist Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill Vedder shared a post on her official Instagram page making an explanation about her sister’s COVID-19 test result due to the criticism she got over a dancing video.

As many of you may know, Eddie and Jill Vedder have been one of the celebrities who have been cautious since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The lovely couple has been staying at their home while using protection such as face masks, face shields, and gloves.

Even though many people appreciated their attitude towards COVID-19, it turned out that some people recently criticized Jill Vedder for her actions following a video of her family posted by Jill herself on social media.

Apparently, Jill Vedder shared a video on her official Instagram stories while she was dancing with her sister and their kids. Since her fans assumed that she was throwing a huge party with a staff who was helping her during the coronavirus pandemic, Jill received a major backlash, according to her recent statement on Instagram.

Jill Vedder also shared an explanation revealing that she knew her sister’s COVID-19 test result and the tests were actually free in the state of Washington, where she currently resides in. Jill stated that criticizing her for dancing with her sister and kids was a shameful act and she wished 2021 would be a year of a new and better attitude.

In addition to this, Vedder responded to the allegations about a staff working at her house and revealed that she has been doing all the work by herself at the house. She ended her message by stating that everyone should focus on their own lives instead of worrying about others.

Here is how Jill Vedder responded to the criticism she received:

“In the state of Washington, our covid tests are free. It is not a crime to see my sister and her son. The hate and attacks for dancing with my sister and our kids are shameful. I hope 2021 brings a different attitude. I understand this year has been brutal on everyone but to assume I think I am better than anyone else or follow a different set of rules is such BS.

I am not holding big ass parties and I do not have a ‘staff’ as some have implied .. sure wish I did because I’m really sick of doing dishes… Please focus on your own lives and don’t worry or assume things about mine .. also dance with your kids… it’s good for you”

You can see the Instagram post below.