Pearl Jam lead vocalist Eddie Vedder’s wife, Jill Vedder, has shared a new photo on her official Instagram account and exposed a meaningful gift that she received from a mysterious friend amid coronavirus outbreak.

As you might see in the photo, Jill showed her fans a box of books sent by a special friend. She said this is the gift she needs most in these crazy times. In addition,  she didn’t unveil her friend’s name but sincerely thanked her.

Here’s what Jill Vedder captioned:

“Got the most lovely, thoughtful, caring gift today from a special friend… You know who you are… I won’t call you out here… Generous, loving soul… Thank you… Thank you for thinking of me and my sister…

This gift brought so much joy and positive light and energy into my home when we needed it most… I love you friend ❤️❤️ Thank you 🙏🏼”

A fan named heather.david.16 stopped in the comment section and jokingly asked:

“Are you a sister witch?”

Jill Vedder answered:

“Maybe?? What’s that???”

Another fan named cobbersonco surprised after her answer and wrote:


Jill Vedder clarified and said:

“I’m really feeling that you are. Do you practice Wicca? You not only seem to have an incredible aura but things that you say… The way you speak… The energy you omit…

Seeing this amazing and healing box of goodies your blessed friend knew would obviously fit you….. I was just really drawn to ask you. Sorry to get personal. 😍😍😍😍 if not, of course, no big deal.

However if your interested, I urge you to look into it love!! If you’re curious… I’m happy to help!!”

See the Instagram photo below.