Press Release

Turkish thrash metal band Edgeflame has revealed their third album ‘Beyond The Pale Carcass’ which was recorded at the Retro Yapım Studios in Ankara,TR.

The album will be officially released through Russian label Narcoleptica Productions soon.

Here’s the artwork (by Mert Aydın) and the tracklist.

Track listning of Beyond The Pale Carcass:

  1. Grotesque Legion
  2. Wrathbringer
  3. Awaken For Reign
  4. Deceived By Gods
  5. Beyond The Pale Carcass
  6. Feared Butcher
  7. … Against All
  8. Prey In The Asylum

Also the band shared the trailers of the album on their social media accounts.

You can check their 2016 album ‘Liberate Then Separate’ on Spotify too!