According to one of the latest articles of Ultimate Classic Rock, Elton John revealed how he rejected Yoko Ono’s invitation to put an end to John Lennon’s unfinished works after he died.

Here is what Elton wrote about the issue:

“The tour moved on, crossing America then heading down to Australia. Our plane had just landed in Melbourne when a stewardess’s voice came over the [loudspeaker], saying that the Elton John party couldn’t disembark; we had to stay on board.

It’s strange, the moment they said it, my heart sank; I just knew it meant someone was dead.

I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t just the fact of his death, it was the brutality of how it happened. Other friends of mine had died young: first Marc Bolan in 1977 and then Keith Moon in 1978. But they hadn’t died the way John had died.

Marc had been killed in a car crash and Keith had basically died from an incurable case of being Keith Moon. They hadn’t been murdered, by a complete stranger. … It was inconceivable.”

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You can watch Yoko Ono’s bizarre performance below.

The legendary late icon of The Beatles, John Lennon’s lover, Yoko Ono‘s birthday message to John has been exposed by John Lennon’s official and verified Instagram page yesterday.

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