One of the most active social media users of our industry and who sold over 300 million albums worldwide, Sir Elton John, has posted a couple of new tweets on his verified Twitter account this week to resolve some of the current issues of the British musicians, ‘European Union Trade Deal.’

As you might already know, in the first months of the coronavirus outbreak, most of the countries have closed their boards to prevent the spread of the virus. After some time, most of the countries have loosened the measures.

However, back in 2020, The United Kingdom has decided to part ways with European Nation and because of that, they have to negotiate with every single EU country for visa-free touring.

This week, Sir Elton John took that issue to his official Twitter account and stated that government should do whatever it can to make an EU Trade Deal. This way, British musicians would be on stage and the industry will have a breath.

Here is what Paul Strasburger wrote:

“The government must go back to Brussels and fix this gaping hole in their EU Trade Deal. Otherwise, our young musicians, dancers & other creatives can no longer tour Europe & grow their careers because their own govt left them out of the trade deal.”

Sir Elton John supported the tweet:

“Resolving this issue is critical to the continued success of young artists. British music has led the world for years but without visa-free touring, we risk losing a generation of talent to red tape.

I will continue to work with all sides to find short-term and long-term solutions.”

You can check out the tweets below.

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