Renowned rock singer, talented piano player, and an amazing composer, Sir Elton John, shared a photo of himself, and the movie cast from the ‘Rocketman’ premiere happened in London a year ago.

In early 2019, ‘Rocketman’, a movie about Sir Elton John’s story during his breakthrough years, was released. The movie was directed by Dexter Fletcher who was also the producer of another hit biographical movie, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which was portraying the life story of Freddie Mercury.

In the movie, Sir Elton John was played by the English actor Taron Egerton. ‘Rocketman’ won an Academy Award for ‘Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures’ with the song ‘I’m Gonna Love Me Again.

The caption of the Instagram post was quite moving:

“It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the #Rocketman premiere in London. I’m so proud of the film.”

Sir Elton John described the movie as a musical fantasy:

“It’s a musical fantasy of my life story, but it still manages to authentically capture the true spirit of what I went through.”

He also praised Taron Egerton for his performance and thanked everybody else involved for their effort:

“I am forever grateful to @taron.egerton for his transcendent performance. And to everyone else who put their heart and soul into bringing Rocketman to the big screen. 🚀🚀#tbt”

His fans loved the movie and how it portrayed Sir Elton John.

A fan named sherriswid appreciated the authenticity of the movie:

“Loved loved the movie! And almost through the book! Loving the honesty, authenticity, and emotion!❤️❤️❤️”

Fatima Toledo loved the performance of Taron Egerton:

“This movie is perfect in all aspects👏😍❤️! Love you Taron! Love you Sir Elton!”

Sirpa Lassila watched the movie and read his autobiographical book:

“Yes, I saw the movie and got your book as birthday gift, so I know everything about you. 😉 The movie and the book were both so good. And I love Taron ❤”

You can see Sir Elton John’s Instagram post below.