One of the most astonishing music phenomenons, Elton John got very angry with two security guards who were trying to get a woman out of his show in Perth, Australia as a part of his ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour, which began in September 2018.

The legendary singer reacted to the security guards escorting a female fan out of the show while he was performing at the HBF Park Stadium. He suddenly stopped to sing and called out to the security guards.

Elton John said:

“Hey, you two security guards with the girl, f*** off. Let her up here immediately… come on, you c***s.”

He also added:

“Morons, both of you, morons. You don’t treat girls like that. Leave her alone, you turds!”

John’s reaction was greeted with waves of laughter by the audience.

You can watch the video clip of John’s reaction via Twitter below.

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