Legendary rock star Sir Elton John has celebrated the birthday of producer Ray Williams, the person who discovered Elton, via his official Instagram account, and Elton showed his gratitude to him.

In the caption, Elton wrote that Ray was the person who discovered his potential and said that he owes him a great deal because of that. Also, Elton stated that he wouldn’t be able to meet Bernie Taupin and wouldn’t be the position where he is right now.

While Elton passes to celebrate the 78th birthday of The Beatles icon Paul McCartney, his post reached around 85K likes less than sixteen hours, and the fans headed to the comment section to share their reactions.

Here is what Elton John penned:

Happy Birthday to Ray Williams and his daughter Amoreena, who both have birthdays this week. I owe a great deal to Ray, who saw my potential when no one else did.

If he had handed me a different envelope back in 1967, I may never have met Bernie Taupin and who knows how my life might have turned out?!

Ray was with me on my first trip to the US in 1970 (pictured sixth from the right) and it was great to be reunited in North Carolina last November.”

A fan named Veronica added this comment:

“I get excited when I think this photo represents the beginning of something unique.”

Another fan named Marta said:

“We all are thankful to Ray for making you both cross paths 🙏❤️”

You can check out the post below.