Elton John, the iconic British musician and a renowned philanthropist, has recalled the time when he first met The Beatles legend John Lennon and expressed how he felt that day while indicating the radio show, ‘John Lennon at 80,’ hosted by Sean Ono Lennon.

As you may remember, BBC Radio 2 has announced in the previous days that they’re going to commemorate John Lennon on what would have been his 80th birthday with an exclusive radio show made of two episodes, hosted by his son Sean Ono.

The program, which features interviews with such significant names as the iconic co-lead vocalist and bassist of The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Lennon’s oldest son, Julian Lennon, and the genius musician, Elton John, is said to be released on October 3 and October 4.

After the first episode of the show was aired on BBC Radio 2, Sir Elton John has revealed one of his most unique memories about Lennon on Instagram. Posting a picture of himself taken he was talking with John Lennon, Elton John admitted that when he first met John he was in awe.

He also said Lennon was so kind, sweet, and generous that they hit it off immediately. John explained that, as soon as they started talking, it felt like he’d known the legend his entire life.

Here’s what Sir Elton John said in his recent Instagram post:

It was so lovely to talk to Sean Ono Lennon about his father for ‘John Lennon at 80,’ which airs on BBC Radio 2 this weekend.

When I first met John I was in awe, but he was so kind and sweet and generous. We hit it off immediately – as soon as we started talking, it felt like I’d known him my entire life. 🚀”

You can see the post below and check out the first episode of the show here.