The legendary British rockstar, Elton John, has shared a new photo on his official and verified Instagram account today and talked about his fight against HIV/AIDS for many years as well as the party he will make on April 25 to end AIDS in our lifetime.

As you may already know, Sir Elton John has talked about his past with AIDS/HIV many times during his long-time career. Back in 2012, he confessed that he should be dead from AIDS just like his long-time friends Rock Hudson and legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

He stated that he hit rock bottom many times due to drug addiction and HIV many times but he was able to rescue from his addiction by the people who cared about him. According to one of his latest statements, Elton is sober and clean for over 30 years and fighting against HIV with many organizations like ‘Elton John AIDS Foundation’ which was founded by himself.

Here is what Elton John wrote about the latest project he’s working on:

“Since the early 80s, the fight against HIV/AIDS has come so far. But we still have work to do. This year, EJAFO Oscars will raise money for young people at risk and living with HIV all over the world and you’re invited to join our Pre-Party to support this life-saving work.

Young people represent 25 percent of the world’s population but makeup 36 percent of new HIV transmissions. It is my mission to end AIDS in our lifetime but to do that, this needs to change.

Click the link in my bio to buy tickets for the Pre-Party on the 25th April or visit EJAF for more information.”

Check out the photo that Elton has shared right below.

Photo Credit: Elton John – Instagram