The iconic rock star Elton John has shared a special scene from his new film called “Rocketman” on his certified Instagram page, and said hats off to that two men: Taron Egerton and Madden Richard.

You can watch the video that Elton shared on Instagram below, and also you can reach out the original Instagram post of him too.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Hats off to @Taron.Egerton and @maddenrichard 🎩🎩 for this extended musical number of ‘Honky Cat’ from the #Rocketman 🚀 movie! Watch it in full on @YouTube.”

A fan named laurie_mariano said that:

“Taron Egerton is an amazing actor! I’ve loved him since The Kingsmen! For him to play Elton who I also love was perfect! He deserves an Oscar! 😘”

See the Instgram post below.

Also, you can watch the Honky Cat video below.